Commonly Asked Questions

Will Physiotherapy help my animal?

Can my animal be exercised after a Physiotherapy session?

Physiotherapy works by assisting in the recovery of musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, helping to accelerate the healing process, relieve pain, and restore normal movement and function.

As a qualified physiotherapist I utilise current practices to provide up-to date physiotherapy promoting a holistic approach to your pet's condition assisting with their recovery or in fitness training and specific exercise programmes. If you have had physiotherapy yourself then you will already have a greater understanding of how it works by providing a full assessment and treatment programme developed uniquely for the condition, the same applies to your pet.

How do I claim through my insurance?

In healthy and sound horses exercise is usually recommended after treatment and in these cases they can be ridden. It is best to keep the session nice and easy hacking out or a light schooling session is ideal. If you don’t have time to ride it is usually recommended to walk the horse in hand within a few hours after the session.


The therapist will discuss with you any follow up exercises when they come out to see you and your horse.

If you have a competition coming up, it is best to try and book your appointment at least a week before.

You are encouraged to speak directly with your insurance provided on the validity of each claim. If your pet is insured for physiotherapy, we can process the claim on your behalf. Please ask a member of staff for advice. 

How many times will my animal have to be seen?

Treatment programmes are tailored to the individual patient and situation. Frequency of sessions will depend on your pets condition and presentation (if acute or chronic). You will be fully informed as to the expectations regarding treatment and recovery time and ways you may be able to assist your animals recovery with an exercise programme.